Saturday, February 28, 2009 name is Lesley...and I'm a Product Junkie

HELLO!!! It is soooo nice to get the chance to "meet" all of you! As the title of this post says...I am a product junkie! I LOVE trying new things with my paper crafting...and often that leads to a bag full of new supplies that I have NO IDEA how to use! LOL! I do, thankfully, love to my scrapping so far has been quite an adventure! I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you and sharing some scrapping fun! Now...a little more about me, my "If the Shoe fits..." layout and my challenge:

I am: a gypsy. it is very hard to lock me into any one category. i can be very straightlaced and "locked in" on one thing, and the next day i'm off to the moon! I am a 32 year old working mom who loves her day job, but really enjoys being an "artist" at night!

Why do you scrap? it gives me an outlet for creativity. in my regular day job i don't have that much opportunity to be creative! it is also a huge stress relief! i sit and craft and let my mind wander!

Inspiration: anything and everything. SERIOUSLY! LOL! i have found inspiration in other blogs, magazines, my house, my family, museums, the newspaper...the list goes on. besides the pics of my fabulously beautiful family...patterned paper is one of the biggest inspirations for how i want to do a page.

Scrapbook Style: all over the place! i am very into vintage and distressed looks. i am a little bit of everything though!

Playlist: changes frequently. it all depends on the mood i'm in and what i am working on. "Celtic Woman" has been listened to many many times when i'm doing late night work; and it is often mixed in with some AC/DC, Billy Joel, Sir Elton, Toby Keith, TI, Rhianna, Nickelback, Def Leppard (and most 80's hair bands), The Killers, and the Foo Fighters. This also can change week to week!

Can't live without: craft wipes. I have many different types of stamps, and a good container of craft wipes will clean just about all of them. oh...and my kraft mat; because anything and everything will easily wipe off! one more sponges...the best, easiest and cheapest way to apply ink direct to paper!

Fav Color Combo: right now it's berry pink and chocolate brown

Scrapbook Trademark: distress inks. i think i use them in almost everything. i really enjoy putting ink to plain paper and playing around.

Confession: i am not a regular scrapbooker! i only do a few pages a month, most of the time i play in card making, tags, and collage. i have altered notebooks, but not much else. i also go through stages, where i will do nothing but tags or scrapbook pages for several weeks..and then all of a sudden i want to do something else!

My "If the shoe fits..." layout is based on the shoes that I wear EVERYDAY! . However...they are not the shoes that I wish I was wearing everyday! I have a fab bunch of boots that I would love to wear! However...considering the amount of time I spend on my feet during the's just not possible to wear the shoes I adore everyday! So I have included a pic of some of my boots, and the tag says what I wish I wore. If the shoe fits...I guess I would have to say I love to be comfortable...and I'm a little worn around the edges...but I hold up pretty darn well!
My challenge for all of you is to use one stamped image in as many ways as possible! I have so many stamps that I have used only once...mostly because once I create something with that image, it's hard for me to imagine another way to use the image! So...below are examples of how I used the Eiffel Tower image in many different ways. I have created 3 cards, the front cover of my mini album, the Eiffel Tower has been stamped on a transparency and then layered with other items. I would like for you to use the image of your choice in at least 3 different items.

And the prize pack for the winner of this challenge is a K&Company "kit"! Included are an 8.5x8.5 paper pack, a package of stickers, bejeweled embellishments, brads and a tag pad. All are from the "Que Sera Sera" line and I just absolutely love them! I have had to hide this prize pack out of sight because it is just too tempting for me!

Please remember to post a link to the pictures of your version of this challenge in the comments to this post! Have fun!




Wendy said...

Hey Lesley, Love you layout!!! Wendy from Montana here. I will be working on your challenge this evening! Great prize as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is my take on Lesley's challenge.

Diane Davies said...

Well stink you are really making us work for the prize. ; ) But it's a pretty cool prize too. Love your LO.

MommyScraps said...

This was harderr than it seemed!! :)

WinoBella Recipe Card

WinoBella Card

3 Bellas Recipe Card

Bellas Layout

Tanisha said...
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Tanisha said...

Very Cute Challenge Les!! I love your examples. Even though I am exempt from winning, I am definitely going to work hard on this one!!!

Wendy said...

Thank you Lesley!! It was fun!!!

Jacey's Mom said...

Loved doing these. You really made me think of other ways to use this stamp that I love but truthfully had only used once before.
Here's my entry.

Tammi said...

Here is mine. The first card I used my stamp with versa mark to give a little design to the cardstock, the birthday tag I used plain black ink on vellum then jazzed it up with a clear stickles, the second card i used pens to color on the stamp then used it as embellishment on the bottom to give the card some color.

Lissa said...

You got me working lady! Here's my take....a 10 page 6x6 mini album that is from one stamped page, a card and a journaling tag all featuring the nest stamp

Sara said...

Here's my entry.

cloudofdreams said...

Everyone did BEAUTIFUL work!!

I'm pretty new to stamping so I haven't really dug in yet!!