Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few announcements...

Hello Bloggerville! Hope all is well with you. We have a few announcements to make today...and some just plain here we go!

First...and let's just get the sad part out of the way...our fab gal Tracey has decided to take her leave of the least for the time being. She has been an integral part of the Shoe since our first challenge post...and we'll miss seeing her fab creations here on a regular basis! She worked very hard to keep us going when so many things were happening in each of our lives and we can only say a huge THANK YOU for that! Hopefully she'll have the opportunity to play along with us from time to time! You can catch up with Tracey on her blog.

Ok...well that was really the only major announcement we had...but...oh wait...I was wrong. Check out Tanisha's blog. I won't spoil her surprise...but we will be welcoming a new Shoe to the family soon...very soon...heeheee!

Now we do have a few items for grab your coffee..your tea...soda...what-ev...and settle in for a few minutes!

If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It began almost 2 years ago (SERIOUSLY??? 2 years??? WOWZA!) with a group of gals trying to expand in their scrap-etoire (no idea if that is spelled correctly...or a just hang in there with it!). Can I just say how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE all of our followers and all of you that play along with us each week! Makes us SMILE! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

We have gone through many changes...including DT members leaving, expansion and contraction of our DT, closing down our ning group, growth at home and here, changes in our challenge direction and more than anything...expansion of our individual styles. No matter the changes, the one thing that has remained is the core friendship of the "three musketeers" that kicked this party off! So it is kind of a cool thing for me at least (BTW...this is Lesley posting) to look back at all of the challenges and posts and see how this blog thing has grown!

Now that I've waxed philosophical about the past two years...time for some confessions...we are crazy women! I kid you not! LOL! Each of us is a Mom, a Wife, some manner of sports fan, and SCRAPPY-STAMPY scrappers (not to mention the bazillion of other hats we all wear...much like ya'll)! We all have a job that exists outside of our artistic endeavors. I work a full-time job, Tracey is a fab stay-at-home Mom and Navy wife, and our gal Tanisha is active duty in the Navy. I would be remiss if I did not talk about our fab DTer Jill (and seriously just plain WRONG if I did not mention she is a die hard Buffalo Sabres fan!). Check out her blog and learn more about Jill and her day-to-day life and challenges)!

This blog began as a bit of a creative outlet. We all love stampin' and scrappin' why not take our hobby and share it with other like-minded folks! However, we have begun to accept the fact that life does not always play along as we'd like. Sometimes home and work and kids and sports pull us away. So please understand that as hard as we try to bring you several amazing samples for each week's challenge...sometimes we just plain can't!

What does this all mean??? Well...NEVER FEAR! The Shoe is here to stay! This just means that on occasion we will take a bit of time...let a challenge run for two weeks instead of a set weekly challenge...or occasionally take a vacation! We promise to notify you as we go! Sometimes life just happens while you are busy making other plans!

Now...Sponsors...we are busy working behind the scenes to set up at least one sponsor a month. We love to share new and exciting things with our followers and give ya'll a chance to get some fab goodies for yourselves! If you are a potential sponsor reading this, and would be interested in sponsoring a challenge here, please contact us at (love how I throw that in???).

Future stuff...we will be holding a DT call within the next few weeks...more details to come. If you are out there holding back on throwing your name in the hat for a DT...give us a try...or at least think about it for now. Like I said...more details will be released later. We can't promise you a lot...but we can promise fun...exposure...some pretty cool items from our sponsors...and most of all...a friendly environment to share it all in!

Ok...that's about it. Thank you for hanging in for such a long post. HUGS TO ALL OF YOU! See you tomorrow for a new Fashionista Friday challenge!


Fern said...

Lesley, we all understand that family comes first!! Challenges are supposed to be fun and if it goes for a couple of weeks, so be it!! I'm very sad to hear that Tracey is leaving... but can totally understand.... And it sounds like congratulations are in order for Tanisha!! How exciting!! Hugs to you all!!!

lesleyworth said...

thank you Fern for your sweet comments! HUGS back at ya!

Mandy said...

Girls this is a fab challenge blog & I shouldn't think anyone would mind challenges running for a couple of weeks, they are fun after all but do take up a lot of the DT's time & we all have family & lives away from our blogging world which must always come first.
Huge congrats to Tanisha, & I hope Tracey enjoys whatever she will be doing
hugs Mandy xx