Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello my name is Tanisha....and I'm a scrapaholic.

It's been 8 days since my last fix! I just came back from a fabulous vacation in Orlando (Oh, so much fun)! No, seriously I literally just stepped off the plane this morning and rushed back so we could share our new blog with you!

So first things first, give kiddies to your hubbies, get your scrapping and card making and altering supplies ready to be put to use. Get for a fabulous week of challenges and prizes!!!!
Todays challenge, and rightfully so is named after our blog If The Shoe Fits....Scrap It Challenge. Okay, so take some photos or grab some that you may already have of your most fabulous shoes, now, they don't have to be your own, they could be the hubby's (though, you may rather go with your own if you have to choose). Your kids shoes make great LO's as well.
Here is a pic of the prizes you may win.

For this challenge you do not have to make a LO, you can make a card, an altered item, or whatever your scrappy heart desires! Make sure you post a link to your project so that it can be seen here on our blog. This challenge will be due NLT midnight the 8th of March.
Now about me ~
I am: A serious scrapaholic. I am seriously a top shelf scrapholic.
Why do you scrap? So that i can capture the memories of my kids. During a family move, all of my pictures of when I was a child were lost, and I don't have the opportunity to look back and reminisce.
Inspiration: I get inspiration from a lot of things: from my family, from the clothes they wear, from friends, from magazines, from day-today life.
Scrapbook Style: I don't know! I am definitely not "simple," I wouldn't classify myself in the "shabby chic" either. I would have to describe myself as eclectic. I do a lot of different things...I like to try new stuff. Maybe the best description is "cutesy out-there." (Is that a style? is now! HEEHEE!)
Fav Color Combo:
Pink and Brown! oh...and powder blue and brown too! If I could...all LO's I would create would be Pink and Brown.

Scrapbook Trademark:
hmmmmmm...I can't really say...I don't use the same things all the time...I don't really have one!

I spend way too much money...I am not always completely honest with my hubby about what I have spent. Even though it is the money I make working very hard...I am sometimes ashamed of the amount of money I spend on this hobby. Is there such a thing as a scrapbooker stuck in a working mom's body?

Playlist: Adele; Corrine Bailey; TI; Kanye West; Maroon 5; Nickelback
Can't live without: If we are talking about scrapbooking, I can't live without Opaque markers! If we are talking about life, I can't live without my husband!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tanisha,
This sounds so awesome, got an idea already for my layout, gonna work on it later today.
I am so happy that you had a great time in Orlando, hope to see you soon. Tammy~~~

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Those boots are really cute. I'll try to do a scrapbook page this weekend of my cute boots. I did a post on my blog about this blog.

Diane Davies said...

Love the LO! I'm right there with you on your confession. : P

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Hey. My Cafemom screen name is Kimberleah. My page is set to private, but you should be able to send a friend request.

Jacey's Mom said...

Beautiful layout Tanisha. I've taken pics for my layout and working on it now.

sara said...

love those boots! great work!

Anonymous said...

Here is my take on Tanisha's challenge.

Jacey's Mom said...

Here's what I came up with.
My Blog

sara said...

tanisha heres mine. its on the if the shoe fits on ning. there are more pictures of this layout!!

Sara said...

Here's my favorite shoes from the past....

Jessica Fitzgerald (aka MommaJess) said...

I loved this because I had the perfect picture. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tammi said...

I was not sure what i was going to do with this challenge. I decided to go with my sons shoes because they are super cute. I'm really happy with how my LO ended up and I had a blast making it.

MommyScraps said...

Ok Tanisha, everyone who has seen my layout asks if they're my shoes... I couldn't bring myself to photograph my ratty sneakers and such, so I scrapped my DREAM shoes instead. :) And I'm leaving the layout on the counter for hubby to see and maybe get the hint for my birthday next week! :)

All About the DREAM shoes

cloudofdreams said...

Adina, You are to funny!! When I seen your LO the first thing I thought of was wow classy shoes!!

Jessica Fitzgerald (aka MommaJess) said...

Wow MommySraps, that is really pretty. I love the cutout of the woman. BTW I have those black ones on your LO and they are so awesome but after a while your feet hurt.