Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday Card Challenge - Old School Style

Heehee! Just kidding on the "Old School" part! Actually, not so much! Your card challenge...if you chose to accept it...is to use the following Vintage Image in a card:
Some of you that have never tried Vintage before...might find this is too much of a challenge to try...but think about it this way...it's not anything more than a "stamped" image! Play around and see what happens! Here is what our design team did with it:




Please post your version of this image in a card to our fabulous Mr. Linky no later than 12:01 am on April 15th! Have fun! Don't forget to check out our fabulous April Sketch that was posted Monday...our many different ning challenges...and next Monday we will be back with another fab challenge!

FYI: This Friday, April 10th is Good Friday and we here at If the shoe fits...will be taking the day off! I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend! We will be back bright and early Monday morning! Until then...HAPPY SCRAPPIN!!!!!


MommyScraps said...

LOVE vintage stuff... Do you have a photobucket file of the image so we can download it in higher resolution?? Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

ill see what i can do...hold tight!

If The Shoe Fits... Scrap it! said...

Viola! Fixed LOL!


lesleyworth said...

Sorry about that mixup with the image...I'm not really sure what went wrong when I uploaded it...but THANK YOU KRISTY!!!

MommyScraps said...

AWESOME! SO playing with this tonight!

MommyScraps said...

Had some issues printing the image out... My photo printer ran out of ink halfway through the print cycle, but I played with it anyway! :) LOVE vintage stuff, couldn't resist. Thanks for the challenge!!!

Anonymous said...

i really like this challenge, but i noticed that most people haven't used the sentiment at the bottom! i kept it on, but i had my easter cards made AGES ago, so i may have to keep it for next year, or trim/tear it off after all. i won't get to this until monday, but i can't wait to come back and see what everyone else has done! :)


cloudofdreams said...

Okay it's 2:15am here and I just couldn't sleep so I took on this challenge even though I should be making cupcakes or sleeping! LOL! My picture didn't turn out the best and here I was hoping my card would look better in a picture then it does in person. Oh well..........Man I guess I need to go to bed!! :-)
Thanks for the challenge ladies. Everyone has done a SUPER job.

Lissa said...

Beautiful image! I had fun playing with it! Thanks for the inspiration!