Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Challenge ~ St. Patty's Day ATC's

Well happy Monday to all! I know, I know, we all hate Monday's right? Well hopefully I can brighten your Monday just a bit, no not with a pot o' gold, but with an ATC challenge!!

ATC stands for Artistic Trading Card. ( If you google it, you will find so many examples as well). The only rules that usually apply to them is that it be 3.5 by 2.5, the size of a playing card. Too easy right?

Well the challenge for today is to make an ATC using the St. Patty's Day theme. Worried that this won't fit into your scrapbooking? It most definitely will. You can use these as an embellishment for any crafting, card or altering project and most definitely your Layouts.
Green is going to be the color of choice, of course! Make sure to use your friendly Mr. Linky and leave a comment or two or three, lol! We always love to hear from you all.

This will be Due the 25th of March, and your name will be put in a drawing for some goodies at the end of the month!
Make sure to check back on Wednesday for Dawn's Card Challenge, I am so sure you will have fun with it, I did!
Now here are our takes on this challenge ~
Me (Tanisha) ~



Teresa aka Laxmom111 said...

Nice cards ladies, makes me want to make some "lucky cards"

Anonymous said...

in your update on the Yellow/Friendship challenge, it shows that it must be submitted by tonight at midnight (Tues) but in the challenge itself, it shows Wed. when is the actual deadline? :)

--- karmyn

Tanisha said...

Sorry for the confusion, the actual deadline is Wednesday the

Anonymous said...

thanks for the clarification, Tanisha! i got it done tonight anyway, so my link is posted with Mr. Linky (assuming it works for me!). :)

Anonymous said...

wow, newbie at the bloggin' thing here! clearly i was confused, as i linked my friendship card in the st patty's day challenge! duh! ;)


Tammi said...

This was really fun! I've never done an ATC before. When I cut my card to the right size I was shocked at how small it was. It took some messing around but i got it and i think it turned out good.

Anonymous said...

who doesn't love the peanuts gang? :) this was fun - i wish it had been a bit earlier so i could send it to someone in time for st. patty's day, but i'll keep it for next year!