Friday, March 27, 2009

Scrapbooking on a Budget!

Good Monday morning everyone! Hope you guys had a great weekend. This is the last post for the month of March. I hope you guys have enjoyed following our blog so far.

I know that for me, I'm always looking for ways to organize my scrapbooking supplies. Organizing your scrapbook supplies can get expensive. So, I was wondering what could I store my brads all in 1 place? Then I was at my local Wal-mart in the tool section and found this. The price was right also, only $10.00! When I got home I couldn't wait to organize my brads. Here is the pics of my find.

This is what the drawers looked liked after I sorted my brads.

This is what is looks like after the drawers are filled and put back into the holder.

You can also hang this on the wall, if you don't have the shelf space. That is what I did with mine. Hope you guys enjoy! Have an awesome Monday!!!


Tammi said...

That is really awesome I might have to take a look in the tool section next time i'm at walmart

Anonymous said...

ooohhh, your brad organizer looks like mine! i sort mine primarily by colour, but also by shape or specialty.... hee hee. anal retentive. this was a great find, girl! mine are all stored in a little tote - four rows that come out separately, and each little compartment locks. ALSO cheap at wal-mart!