Sunday, March 22, 2009

Same Supplies Challenge...AND...some big news!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!! Hope everyone has been enjoying all of our challenges here so far, I know I have LOVED seeing all the fabulous projects you have all been submitting, brings on the warm-fuzzies to see all the participation!!!
Today, I am sharing a challenge we as the design team had for ourselves!!! I went shopping at one of my fav LSS's and picked out matching kits and challenged the rest of the team. We all had the same kits, and were allowed to add a minimal amount of our own stash. The results? Well...I think it speaks for itself...4 totally different layouts!!!
This specific kit consisted of 2 sheets of patterned paper from sassafrass lass, 2 sheets of bazill cardstock, 18 inches of basic basic ribbon, 3 bazill basics large red paper flowers, and a random assortment of buttons!

the kit:

our design team interpretations:




NOW!!! For some BIG news!!! You may have noticed on the side of our blog, there is a icon for 'scrap-a-doodle-do'. Well...thanks to a very good friend of ours, Scrap-a-doodle-do has decided to sponsor us!!!! They are a FABULOUS store located in New Jersey, BUT they have a great online store as well!!! If you click their box in our sponsor section, you can go SHOPPING!! I had the opportunity to meet with the store owner, Stephanie today, and she is a wonderful lady who knows what she is doing as far as keeping the latest and greatest in the store. I came home with well...more than I should have...LOL!!! Probably the most important thing I came home with your PRIZE for our montly challenges! YES ladies (and gentleman.....if you are out there!) I have for our winner this month, a 25$ gift certificate for YOU to go shopping at Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo! How cool is THAT?!! You can go on your own little shopping spree if your name is drawn at the end of the month!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!
So....keep coming back and checking out our challenges, and stay tuned next month for our first Scrap-a-Doodle-Doo sponsored same supplies challenge.
Have a happy shoe-tastic scrappin' day!!!


Anonymous said...

oh my goomie! CONGRATULATIONS on the sponsorship! this is fantastic news for the site, and for the monthly challenge winners!

i can't wait to trek on up to hang out with Adina, so she can drag my heiney to the store!

*throws confetti* how wonderful, ladies! YAY!

Teresa aka Laxmom111 said...

Ladies, fabulous layouts, all uniquely different. Congrats on the sponsor.

Tammi said...

WOW! you gals did great!! I love how you can tell it all came from the same materials but they are all so different.

cloudofdreams said...

You ladies all did a fantastic job using the same supplies. :-)

MommyScraps said...

I love how every layout just looks WAY different and how you each used different techniques to spice up your pages, yet using ALL the same stuff!!! Nicely done, and very inspirational, thanks for sharing! :)